Friday, April 27, 2012

Right now

right now i am.....

taken from whatever's blog here

watching:  'The Block' and 'The Voice Australia' (not at the same time) and loving both


avoiding: cleaning the loo

 wondering: what these boys will all be and do as they get older

thankful: always, for everything,

wishing:  hubby wasn't going away tomorrow for a week
feeling:  happy that I'm meeting hubby in Noosa in a weeks time for a fun family weekend


listening:  to the kids laugh in the play room

drinking:  a cuppa tea

eating:  Cadbury Top Deck, unlike my son here

wearing:  my skinny jeans, grey t-shirt and black Columbia puffer vest

craving: sweet things

missing:  my far away family, always

loving: time spent with good friends this is Ruby, isn't she just beautiful, she's Maggie's little sister, Maggie is 3 now

needing: a holiday

thinking: on the Esther bible study I'm doing at the moment, so much good stuff  to digest and challenge me

dreaming: of this little ones first birthday, of finishing off my laundry, of Christmas this year in NZ, of this couch, or this one


praying: for my mum and dad, may God's abundant blessings be poured out over their lives right now   


Leonie said...

What a lot of lovely loving!
Loving The Block and The Voice too!
Can relate to your missing and needing... completely!
Some awesome piccy's Anya, having a giggle of one of you with the foot in your face.

Tall Pipi said...

Thanks for that! You have inspired me to do a post! Love you list. I feel human.

PaisleyJade said...

Such precious pics. Loving the foot-in-face pic too. xoxo

Rebecca said...

So cooooool! :))


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