Friday, March 30, 2012


i love yellow
its a happy colour
here is some yellow from around home
i don't particularly like to wear yellow though, so there's no photos of me wearing yellow
although yellow gumboots i could do........


this soft yellow (below) is my favourite
i really wanted a pastel yellow kitchenaid  but by the time i was ready to buy one (they cost an arm and a leg and a kidney) the pastel yellow was no longer available here, they'd replaced it with a bright/bold yellow that i thought i might get sick of
i got a pastel pink instead (which hubby chose with the help of my boss at the time)
pastel pink is the best pastel yellow substitute
frankly a kitchenaid in any colour is worth being happy about :)

see that white deer below
i bought that for my sister in law for christmas
hubby was carrying the bag it was in
as we got to the car park he dropped the bag
the deer lost two legs and an antler
needless to say i went and bought her another one
this repaired one was hubby's gift to me, isn't he kind ;)

have a great yellow filled, sunshiny weekend


Leonie said...

lots of lovely sunshiney yellow Anya!!
Love your blog header too - cute!!!

PaisleyJade said...

I LOVE yellow too... and kitchen aids... frankly I'd take a kitchen aid in vomit orange if I had to!

Sima J said...

Love the pics!! :-)

middlenamejane said...

And I love my little white deer! Thank you. It's joined the rest of my white things above the kitchen sink :)

middlenamejane said...

I like yellow too, especially that pastel colour. And I'd love a Kitchenaid too, but settled for a white Kenwood instead, which still looks cool. As does my little white deer sitting above the kitchen sink with all the other white things, thanks!


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